Saturday, March 26, 2011

Torrents of Love

An old orchard!
Swathed in the peaceful shades
of meditative trance,
Wise old trees,
Ripe fruits hanging languidly,
Solitary footpath covered with
pale fallen leaves,
Moments mating with timelessness,
Then suddenly a gust of free breeze!
Pining storm!
Ruffled leaves!
Sighing branches!
And the fruits ripened from ancient times,
Fell under the spell of
those majestic shoves
unleashed by the free wind!
It was a cave!
Dark, dreary and cold!
And he was the yogi,
Immersed in an unending trance
impregnating silent, still moments.
Mossy, damp, dark!
Then a softly shining
raylet sneaked in!
Unleashed a storm of light!
It kissed the darkest,
inaccessible stony crevices,
Sucked out the lifeless
core of dispirited self.
Those wispily pining lips exhaled
love, life and spirit!
It was pleasant riot!
An effusive mayhem!
An exhilarating melting!
An exciting massacre!
Of freedom over bondage!
Of light over dark!
 Summits stood proud,
Flaunting their rocky citadels,
We are the unconquerable
mountains they proclaimed,
 A wild river came
with its riveting fury.
Its sharp, serpentine curves
let out throbbing, pulsating fury,
which cut through
the iron-hard rigidity.
Rocks gave in!
Summits after summits fell,
Their proud mass melting
in those sensuous swirls!
The river flew majestically
carrying boulders and sand
of those fallen soldiers who
challenged its majestic mirth.
Across the darkish cloud of my being,
You shine like a moon.
Beloved! You put this shining
signature on my being!
Wild river!
Feel the sand that you carry
in your majestic swirls!
That's me the proud mountain!
But that self was rocky and rigid,
Now I'm soft and cradled 
in your gushing torrents!
Majestic river,
Now I feel like a
particle of sand
in the sensuous swathes
of your gushing waters!
In the pining silence of
frozen, dark hours,
a star spreads its mystic light
over a vacant heart.
Feminine raylets mate with
cold stones and impregnate
the boundless womb with
countless little stars.
The heart now becomes a galaxy,
Its self enlarged with a cosmic quotient
and profound peace spread
across its bosom!
I am the moth
and I love my flame!
My fire!
But I feel the burning core of
the glow around which
I helplessly circle around!
I know that I cannot stop
the fire from burning,
So I throw myself in a fiery pit
to forget my dear flame's burning plight!
I throw myself in a bigger fire
so that I forget myself
and my flame's cries!
·             ***********
I feel the shapeless mass of your love,
It creeps like a venomous reptile
through the garden of my heart,
It furiously hisses,
returning my softest kisses,
I bear the toxic marks
left on my skin by your fangs.
Still I carry your poisonous bulk
in the soft cradle of my heart.
Because I have no choice to hate you,
I can just love you!
Love, I'd a cemented identity,
It was narrow, confined,
and constricted by the iron mask
put on my true face
by the society and circumstances.
The you walked in my life
with your pining majesty!
Your soft lips kissed the
the lifeless iron of my mask.
It melted in the softly smoldering
furnace of your pout!
The melting mask!
Its glowing fluid shining on my true face,
Beloved, you salvage my
real self from that imprisonment!
This real self may be good or bad
for the society,
For they judge by my identity old,
I but care not
because at least I see my true face!
    There was an ice block,
As old as anyone can recall!
It had its frigid polar existence.
In the deep recesses of
its cold, snowy being,
endless nights pined,
Icy cage around its soul!
Then a warmth suddenly sneaked in!
Mossy rigidities melted under
the spell of those nimble cuts
and the stony ice melted,
Unleashing countless rivulets
gushing over his melting landscape.
The cage was broken,
The spirit merged in the
melodious embrace of
those royal-hued rays.
He lost his old self
to merge in a larger identity.
It was rebirth!
It was liberation!

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